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Innovative Coating Technology for Value Adding and Protecting Surfaces

Nanokote manufactures specialised thin films (Glass coatings and ceramic sanitary ware coatings) as well as barrier (for concrete and Metal Finishes) and functional coatings (impregnation for porous surfaces). We engineer and implement clever ways of enhancing the value of your assets to give you a competitive edge so that you can maximise your return on investment, offer premium products and boost market share.

From the manufacture of precise nanomaterials, development and production of innovative nanocomposites and nano-formulations through to comprehensive product and process integration, we are able to assist our partners from concept through to commercial application.

While there are continuously new products in development, below is a summary of our commercial areas of focus

Protective barrier Coatings

Protective Barrier

For anti-fingerprint metals and decorative anti-graffiti concrete protection use ProGuard

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Thin Film Coatings

Thin Film

Value add glass and ceramic sanitary ware with easy clean surfaces

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Functional Coatings


Exceptional mould and fungus protection for porous mineral surfaces.

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