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Nanokote can enhance stainless steel and light metals by enabling permanent functionality such as self cleaning
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Glass today is such a versatile surface that it can be used for virtually any function.
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Globally, tunnels are becoming longer and are attracting more expensive maintenance programs.
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Nanokote coating technologies allow specialised textiles to be functionalised for the purpose of enhancing performance.
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Commercial Glass and Ceramic Coating Materials

Nanokote specialises in finished coating materials in the form of specialised thin films (glass coating and ceramic coating), barrier coatings and functional coatings. We engineer and implement clever ways of enhancing the value of our customers' products which results in our customers increasing their competitive edge. Our products introduce ways of differentiating our customers' products to enable premium prices, increased market share and strong returns on investment.


From the manufacture of precise nanomaterials, development and production of innovative nano composites and nano formulations through to comprehensive product and process integration, we are able to assist our partners from concept through to commercial application solutions.


While there are many new products in development, below is a summary of the commercial areas of focus:


  • Barrier Coatings

    • Metal Finishes for Light Metals and Stainless Steel
      • Anti-Fingerprint
      • Anti-Scratch
      • Anti-Corrosion
      • Self-Cleaning
    • Anti-carbonation coating for infrastructure concrete
  • Functional

    • Air filter media (polyester, polypropylene, hybrids)
      • Flame retardant
      • Efficiency improvement
      • Easy clean
      • Anti-static
    • Porous mineral surfaces
      • Mould and fungus protection
      • Easy clean
      • Long term aesthetic stability


If you would like more information on finished coating materials such as thin films (glass coating and ceramic coating), barrier coatings and functional coatings, contact our team of experts on (03) 9768 3277.

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