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Ceramic Sanitary Ware for Bathrooms and Kitchens

The quality of a kitchen and the bathroom can help sell a house. Prospective buyers with acute attention to detail will be inspecting the quality of the sink, the toilet, the shower, the bath and everything else. Obviously, ceramic sanitary ware that is in excellent condition is easier to maintain and should influence the decision making of the person thinking about purchasing a new home.

So what can you do to prevent limescale and other hard water deposits from ruining the value of your property? Have you considered surface protection?

Cermaic Coating for Wash basin

Cermaic coating for Bath

Ceramic Coating for Toilets

Nanokote produces specialty hydrophobic and oleophobic thin film coatings. When applied at the manufacturing point in a shuttle kiln, sanitary ware manufacturers can value add to their products to produce easy-to-clean hand basins, toilets and baths. Our industrial quality coatings are permanent due to exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance and have a design life of 10 years. After the expiry of the design life the end consumer can easily re-coat with DIY versions such as the Nanokote Glass & Ceramic DIY kit.

The application process is targeted at sanitary ware manufactures and requires vessel (kiln) aspiration followed by thermal curing. A schematic diagram of the application process is illustrated below:

Schematic diagram of the application process

Ceramic Coatings to Improve Your Home

Protect your investments for over a decade with Nanokote ceramic coatings. Contact us for more information.




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