Nanokote - Corrosion Coating
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Integrating Nanotechnology for Enhanced Surface Coatings


Nanokote has been set up as a sales and distribution division of Micronisers incorporated with the purpose of integrating the latest in nanotechnology to OEM’s in South East Asia, U.S. and Australia. Working at this nano scale, we are able to design molecular architectures and intelligent structures. These supra (nano) molecules provide superior, performance-enhancing qualities that ensure durability, flexibility and less expensive surface coatings.


Micronisers Pty Ltd, founded in 1987, is one of very few nanotechnology companies successfully commercialising nanotechnology products on a global scale. Specialising in advanced micro and nano milling, Micronisers has a number of proprietary chemical processes and patents to produce products at the molecular level. The company has long term supply contracts with some of the largest chemical companies in the world. Nanokote Pty Ltd, established in 2005 was set up as a marketing and distribution company to specialise in nano surface coatings.

Sphere of Product Development Relationships


Nanokote have built strong product development and collaborative product development relationships with a specific number of internationally renowned nanotechnology businesses. As a result, we have been able to deliver the latest in leading edge technology. Whether you require Nanokote products with hydrophobic specifications for glass, metal, wood, plastic, mineral undercoats, textiles or leather, we have the product for you. Enhance and maintain the clean and clear look of all surfaces effortlessly without the requirement of cleaning products today.


Micronisers together with Nanokote have has manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Australia and Dallas, TX, USA. We also have distribution partners in the EU, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and sales offices in Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam. Find out more about Nanokote by contacting us online or calling us on (03) 9768 3277.