Nanokote - Corrosion Coating
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We have created a glossary to help you with the definitions of terms and phrases commonly used in the nanotechnology industry, as we understand the complexities of this market.


Concrete Cancer: Concrete deterioration as a result of the presence of contaminants or due to certain weather combined with atmospheric properties. This includes rusting of concrete. We recommend ProGuard as this coating material exhibits high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and easy to clean surface properties.


Corrosion: This is a natural process caused by metals being exposed to open air and bad weather. Permanent anti-corrosion coatings provide extreme chemical and abrasion resistance to extend the life of metals in harsh environments.

Water Repellent Coating: An chemical application that protects glass and other materials by causing water to run off the surface. Water repellent coating technologies help neutralise odours and stop the spread of bacteria, fungi and germs in healthcare facilities. Nanokote's air filters also have anti-static, anti-microbial and flame retardant properties for enhanced performance.


Concrete Waterproofing: Even the highest quality concrete consists of pores and capillaries, and without competent concrete waterproofing; this may result in dampness or leaks causing deterioration. We have developed and manufactured a new stainless steel and concrete waterproofing material called ProGuard.


Hydrophobic: Hydrophobic is a substance that repels water, allowing liquid to just drip off a surface. Nanokote products with hydrophobic functions enables surfaces such as windscreens, to maintain their clear and clean appearance for longer.