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Nanokote Sells Rights for EcoBarrier Anti Graffiti to NTS Coatings Pty Ltd

Nanokote Sells Rights for EcoBarrier Anti Graffiti to NTS Coatings Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Australia, 15 May 2010

Nanokote Pty Ltd finalised the sale of its EcoBarrier Anti-Graffiti supply and install business in Australia to NTS Coatings Pty Ltd in May 2010. This sale falls in-line with Nanokote’s core strategy of being a provider of high-performance industrial coatings. The Directors of the Company decided that Nanokote needs to maintain focus on the development of value-added coatings in industrial markets in key targeted segments.

Nanokote Pty Ltd is a trailblazer in the field of nanomaterials in Australia. Nanokote specialises in providing finished coating materials in the form of specialised thin films, barrier coatings and functional coatings. We engineer and implement clever ways of enhancing the value of our customers’ products which results in our customers increasing their competitive edge. Our products introduce ways of differentiating our customer products enabling premium prices, increased market share and strong returns on investment.

Please contact NTS Coatings Pty Ltd at for all sales and technical enquires relating to Eco Barrier Anti-Graffiti in Australia.

Metal Finishes for aluminium, magnesium, titanium and stainless steel.

  • Anti-fingerprint

  • Anti-scratch

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Decorative

  • Self-cleaning

  • Maintenance free

Concrete protection and aesthetics for bridges, tunnels, cooling towers and commercial buildings.

  • Anti carbonation

  • Anti graffiti

  • Anti corrosion

  • Textured anti graffiti

  • Glass coatings for easy to clean properties

  • Ceramic Sanitary Ware Coatings for easy to clean properties

Porous mineral surfaces

  • Mould and fungus protection

  • Easy clean

  • Long-term aesthetic stability