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Western Ring Road (M80) (Leighton)

Western Ring Road (M80) (Leighton)

Case Study

Job: Western Ring Road (M80), Melbourne, Australia

Total Area: Approx. 4,000 sqm.

Description: Bridge elements: bridge piers, parapets, beams, abutments, crossheads and road safety barriers.

Constructor : Leighton

Asset Owner : Vic Roads


Leighton Contractors has been awarded a $120 million contract by VicRoads to deliver a section of the M80 Ring Road Upgrade in Melbourne, Australia.

The package includes the design and construction of two additional traffic lanes in each direction along 4.1km of existing freeway with associated bridge strengthening from South of Tilburn Road to Furlong Road. The project also includes surfacing, line marking and Intelligent Transport Systems between South of Tilburn Road and Sunshine Avenue, and Intelligent Transport Systems works along the Deer Park Bypass.

Within this section of road, Vic Roads issued a painting specification for permanent decorative anti carbonation (sec 686) and permanent anti graffiti (sec 685). ProGuard was used on a significant section of this specification enabling painting works to be completed quickly during night shift work. A major cost advantage of using the ProGuard system for this project was in the much reduced traffic control.

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