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Westgate Freeway (Vic Roads)

Westgate Freeway (Vic Roads)

Case Study

Job: Westgate Freeway, Melbourne, Australia

Total Area: 2500 sqm.

Description: ProGuard application to new road safety barriers near the Millers Rd exit (city bound)

Asset Owner : Vic Roads


As a part of the Vic Roads Specification 685 (Permanent Anti Graffiti) and 686 (Decorative Anti Carbonation Concrete Coating) approval process, on site trials needed to be carried out in order to prove the coating's suitability for coating major infrastructure. The Westgate Freeway in Melbourne, Australia was chosen as one of two sites. The trial process was very detailed and investigated all facets of application and performance testing (the compliance testing is available from the Vic Roads Weblinks on this page). After an extensive process the ProGuard coating exceeded all test requirements and as of mid 2011 the coating was fully approved by Vic Roads.

A full report along with extensive video footage is available from Nanokote Pty Ltd on the anti graffiti trials.

Nanokote Pty Ltd is a Division of Australian company Micronisers Pty Ltd. The Group of Companies are trail blazers in the field of nanomaterials in Australia. Nanokote specializes in providing finished coating materials in the form of specialised thin films, barrier coatings and functional coatings. We engineer and implement clever ways of enhancing the value of our customer’s products which results in our customers increasing their competitive edge. Our products introduce ways of differentiating our customer products enabling premium prices, increased market share and strong returns on investment.

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