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Industrial Coating Services:  Adding Value and Protecting Assets with Nanokote

As a specialist manufacturer, NANOKOTE offers a diverse range of nano material-based industrial coatings. Servicing many varying markets, from construction, infrastructure and industrial appliances, to home and more. The range of specialized coatings have been engineered to protect and add value to concrete, glass, metal, sanitary ware and other surfaces,

The innovation of NANOKOTE technology, enhances surfaces for a plethora of components and structures. Whether it be to enable hydrophobic (water repellent) coating for lower maintenance large glass facades or to improve the durability of a concrete bridge structure whilst also making it graffiti resistant, the applications of our Industrial coating services increase longevity of your assets.

At NANOKOTE, our team strive to develop complete start-to-end solutions through industrial coating services. We not only manufacture nano materials, develop nano composites and formulations to produce new products, but work in partnership with all our customers throughout process integration. Our technical proficiency and expertise allow business partners to be guided at every stage from the initial concept to commercial application.

To ensure optimal performance, all NANOKOTE products undergo constant evaluation and testing in tandem with product R&D. This ensures that we are always incorporating the latest advancements in nano material design, as new  demands, markets and product needs emerge. Call or submit an enquiry form today to learn more about NANOKOTE and our industrial coatings services.

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Nanokote, established in 2005, manufactures innovative surface technologies that can improve the physical properties of glass, metal, concrete and ceramic materials. Our solutions transform your assets so that they take on new functions and can be optimised for a range of industrial applications.

Protective Barrier Coatings

For anti-fingerprint metals and decorative anti-graffiti concrete protection use ProGuard

Thin Film Coatings

Value add glass and ceramic sanitary ware with easy clean surfaces

Functional Coatings

Exceptional mould and fungus protection for porous mineral surfaces.

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