Proven to withstand high
temperature exposure

At high temperatures, it is difficult to prevent surface energy from becoming too high. As the temperature rises, molecules vibrate faster and interact more with each other, resulting in higher surface energy. However, there are a few strategies that can be used to maintain low surface energy at high temperatures.

One approach is the use of nanostructured materials. Nanostructured materials exhibit extremely high levels of surface area per unit volume, which allows for significant energy savings. This can be used to help maintain low surface energy at higher temperatures by reducing the effect of molecular interactions. Additionally, using

lubricants with low surface energy can also minimize friction and reduce surface energy. Finally, adding a polymer coating to the surface can constitute a barrier between molecules and control the rate of molecular interactions, helping to reduce surface energy even under high temperatures.

After years of R&D Nanokote has developed new coating technology that enables durable low surface tension, close to that of Teflon® at high temperatures (in excess of 400°C). This technology is ideal for applications in high temperature environments such as ovens and other industrial applications. Please contact NANOKOTE for more information.

PrimoShield has also been tested at 420ºC for 24 hours with the
same results while maintaining non-stick properties