Commercial Concrete Coatings In Australia | Corrosion & Temperature Resistant Coatings
Coatings In Australia

Commercial Coatings in Australia

Welcome to Nanokote. We are the leaders of innovative nanocoating technology for various types of surfaces, such as glass, concrete, metal, ceramic, and more. Our commercial coating solutions can enhance the physical properties of your surfaces and make them hydrophobic (water repellent), scratch-resistant, corrosion-free, graffiti resistant, and highly durable. They also withstand the changing seasons and the extreme weather changes in Australia

Commercial Concrete Coatings

The superior nanotechnology coating is an excellent choice for your structures to make them stronger, long-lasting, smarter, and flexible. Our coating solutions make a difference with the following characteristics:

  • Ideal for all kinds of structures, from small- to large-scale structures. You can conveniently use our coatings to increase the lifespan of your bridges, magnesium housings, tunnels, refrigerator coils, shower enclosures, and cooling towers.
  • Our coating solutions, including commercial concrete coatings, need minimal maintenance.
  • The nano-level molecular architecture ensures accurate results based on the expectations of our customers.
  • They are technologically advanced coating solutions for various industrial applications, and industries can find these coatings as solutions to many of their existing challenges.
  • The nanotechnology coating solutions are inexpensive compared to other coating solutions, and this helps industries to choose excellent quality coating at affordable prices.

Are you searching for corrosion resistant coatings for your metal structures to make them resistant to the exposure of chemicals, UV radiation, and environmental elements? Explore our range of coating solutions that can rightly meet your commercial and industrial applications.

A Range Of Coating Products

Nanokote has an excellent range of coating products based on the type of structure, the level of advanced physical properties our customers want, and the degree of effectiveness.

We have the following range of coating solutions for your industrial and commercial requirements.

Protective Barrier Coatings

The protective barrier coatings prevent corrosion, avoid damages due to weather elements, ensure easy maintenance, and improve the durability of your structures. Nanokote offers four types of protective barrier coatings that include the following:
  • Direct to concrete
  • Direct to metal (clear coatings)
  • Direct to concrete (ProGuard) texture
  • Direct to metal protection (specialty)

Explore more about our protective barrier coatings here and learn how these can become an answer to the challenges of your structures.

Thin Film Coatings

Do you think that your shower screens, bathroom fixtures, or mirrors become stale due to moisture, dirt, hard water, or bacteria infection? We have an excellent range of thin film coatings to keep your properties and products healthy, clean, and shining. With us, you can choose:
  • Glass coating
  • Ceramic sanitary ware (easy clean)

Learn more about these thin film coating solutions here.

Temperature Resistant Coating

We have functional coatings to protect the porous surfaces of various materials such as wooden surfaces, masonry façade, and more.

The temperature resistant coatings help your surfaces to prevent algae growth and avoid moisture infiltration. Get more information about our functional coating here.

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