Clear anti graffiti coatings are an effective way to protect surfaces from graffiti and other forms of vandalism. These coatings provide a clear, non-porous layer that can be applied to a variety of substrates such as stone, concrete, metal, wood and plastic. The coating prevents the absorption of paint, making it easier to clean away any graffiti quickly. Once applied, the coating will help to prevent graffiti and other types of vandalism from adhering to the surface, making it easier to remove. Clear anti graffiti coatings also provide a better level of protection against the damaging effects of weathering, UV radiation and pollutants.

The application of clear anti graffiti coatings is relatively straightforward, with some systems available that are easy to use. Depending on the material being protected, there are both solvent and water-based coatings available for different substrates. Different types of coatings will also provide varying levels of protection, making it important to choose the correct type for the job. If a higher quality of protection is sought, multiple coats may need to be applied to the surface. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning may need to be carried out to ensure the coating is performing correctly and no damage has been done to the substrate.

EcoBarrier is an exceptional permanent clear anti graffiti coating that is available as a gloss, satin or matt finish.  Applied to a dry film thickness of between 3-10 micron this coating is hardly distinguishable on the surface to which is applied.

Effective long-term protection is applicable to both non-porous and porous surfaces such as concrete and brick.  In some porous cases a primer is required to maintain the natural look of the surface.  Otherwise the coating is applied as a single coat via roller or spray.

Secondary benefits

  • Clear Transparent Coating
  • Protects Painted and Unpainted Surfaces
  • Repels all known Graffiti
  • Makes cleaning easy
  • Perfectly protected surfaces-No degradation to the treated surface
  • UV Resistant
  • Permanent Coating
  • Protects for over 20 years

Installation Examples