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Glass & Ceramic Coating Flyer

Glass & Ceramic Coating Flyer

Glass & Ceramic Coating

⦁ Easy to clean surface • Extends the life of assets • Prevent glass corrosion • Environmentally friendly
Nanokote Glass & Ceramic coating is a revolutionary permanent anti-stick protection coating that is suitable for both interior and exterior use that will cut the time cleaning your glass and ceramic surfaces by up to 90%! Nanokote coating for glass is completely invisible, extremely durable and instantly repels most substances that come into contact with it. Unaffected by UV, Nanokote is the industry leader in glass protection coatings, significantly outperforming similar coatings by a minimum of 600% as verified by independent NATA testing.
Developed and manufactured in Melbourne, Nanokote is a division of Micronisers Pty Ltd which has a long standing relationship with the CSIRO in researching and developing nanotechnologies for 15 years.
Features include:
*Once only application *Easy to clean surface *Reduces cleaning time by up to 90% *Eliminate harsh cleaning chemicals *600% more durable than competitors *Environmentally friendly *Prevent glass corrosion *High weather resistance *UV stable *Stable against salt spray *10 Year Nanokote Pty Ltd Warranty

Feature ProGuard Typical Competitor
Cure Time 1 Hour 6-8 Hours
Initial contact angle 114 Degrees 88 Degrees
One product for glass & ceramics Yes No
Special after care program No Yes
Once only application Yes No
Chemical resistance ***** *
Abrasion resistance ***** *
Warranty 10 Years Up to 10 Years*

The results of the abrasion resistance testing shows that the coating material from Nanokote significantly outperforms all competitive products tested. In fact the Nanokote coating material shows little sign of deterioration, even after 10,000 double abrasion cycles. Industrial quality coating materials for application on glass as a hydrophobic coating should be capable of passing 5000 double abrasion cycles. This equated to cleaning once per week over a period of 10 years (10 scrubbing cycles per weekly clean). The test method employed is designed to as best possible mimic the normal cleaning process that is used to remove calcium and limescale from glass.

Applicator Pre-requisites:
Must be applied by Nanokote accredited applicator. Please contact Nanokote Pty Ltd.
The information in this data sheet is based on the current status of technical development as well as experience with the product. However, given the variety of surfaces and ambient conditions, the information provided on this data sheet shall in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to ensure with due care, that our product is suited for the intended purpose, surface and application conditions. Note in particular, that we accept no liability in cases where we have not explicitly stated application purposes and types of use. This data sheet will be superseded by any later version released. As at 06/11.
Nanokote Pty Ltd – 6-8 England Street Dandenong VIC 3175 – Email:
Simon King – Tel: +61 3 9768 3277 – Fax: +61 3 9768 3986

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