Touch panels and surfaces prone to fingerprints are becoming more and more popular in many industries as is the need to keep them aesthetically pleasing.

Achieving anti fingerprint and or anti smudge properties on normal flat glass, eye wear and touch panels for the coatings industry has been extremely difficult to achieve.

In the past this has normally created by a matting effect, however, in many applications this is deemed unacceptable as it changes the look of the original surface.  In other cases surfaces are modified to create hydrophobic/oleophobic or omniphobic properties that certainly aid in making the surface easy to clean but in most cases do not greatly assist with the fingerprint problem.

NANOKOTE has developed an excellent permanent coating that is only 20nm thick and 100% invisible.  It creates some incredible properties on normal flat glass.

  • Normal pressure fingerprinting is more difficult to observe on the coated surface compared to the uncoated surface. Up to 50-90% less noticeable depending on the nature of the print itself (the oils and contaminants in a fingerprint can change from person to person and materials a person comes in contact with over the course of a normal day)

Fig 1. Left side of glass panel is uncoated while the right side is coated.  Fingerprints applied to both sides with equal pressure.

Fig 2. Glass panel at the bottom of this photos is uncoated while the top piece is coated.

Fingerprints applied to both sides with equal pressure.  Refer to or contact Nanokote for full video footage of the anti fingerprint performance

  • If the residing print is to be removed it can be done so by a simply wipe with a dry soft cloth (1 – 2 wipes)
  • Even in the case of heavier fingerprinting, if the print is left on the surface, it will disappear almost entirely over 1-3 days.

Fig 3. Left side of glass panel is uncoated while the right side is coated.

The photo on the left shows fingerprints on both the uncoated and coated side.   The same panel is photographed after 3 days.  Fingerprints have significantly reduced on the coated side of the panel.

  • Recommended normal glass cleaning can still take place. We recommend isopropanol.


  • Mobile devices
  • Eyewear
  • Touch panels including automotive interiors, appliances and smart homes.
  • Metalized plastics used in automotive interiors
  • Metalized plastics used in the packaging industry

* In some metal and plastic applications there may be a requirement to prime the surface with a Nanokote primer prior to the application of the anti fingerprint layer.  Please contact Nanokote for further information.