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MetalKote Flyer

MetalKote Flyer

Permanent Metal coating for Stainless Steel
⦁ Single process application • Extends the life of assets • Permanent anti-corrosion protection
MetalKote is a clear extremely durable two part polysiloxane-polyetha hybrid coating available in matte or gloss finish that permanently seals and protects stainless steel and other light metals from corrosion. MetalKote anti-corrosion coating provides extreme chemical and abrasion resistance to extend and protect the life of metals in harsh environments.
Nanokote MetalKote permanently enhances metals by protecting against tea staining, finger-prints and scratches. All are properties that are important when using light metals and stainless steel. MetalKote is a one coat process producing a coating thickness of only 20-30 microns resulting in a minimal change of architectural integrity of the metal surface.
Features include:
*One coat application process (no priming) *Exceptionally strong bond *High weather resistance *UV stable *Stable against salt spray *Hydrophobic, self-cleaning surface *Provide extreme abrasion resistance *Remains stable under high temps (700 Deg C) *Very cost effective *Excellent anti-graffiti performance *10 Year Nanokote Pty Ltd Warranty
How it works:

Easy application of coating through Touch dry within 4-6 hours The result: a durable, permanent
spraying protective layer

Quality testings that have been conducted with Nanokote include the following:
⦁ Acidic Humidity (30 cycles, 0.2 SO2)
⦁ Constant Humidity (1,000 hours)
⦁ Salt-Spray (>3000 hours)
⦁ Boiling test (2 hour dest. Water)
⦁ UV-Resistance (QUV 5000 hours)
⦁ Heat transfer
Nanokote metal finishing passes all tests listed above. Our coating shows no signs of damage, blistering, cracking, flaking or softening.
Coating thickness:
Gloss rating:
Surface energy:
Contact angle:
Adhesion (Cross cut/ tape test):
Workability after cupping test:
Workability after T-bend test:
test > 100 double strokes:
Boiling water test (4 x 5hr boiling-
water, 18hr drying at RT):
Clean ability (writing with Edding):

2-3 micron (DIN EN 13523-1)
Transparent or pigmented
DIN EN 13523-2, EN ISO 2813. High Gloss
Goniometer 18-20 mN/m
Goniometer 103°
DIN EN 13523-6, DIN EN ISO 2409 GT/TT = 0
DIN EN ISO 1520, Pass. No cracks
DIN EN 13523-7, Pass. No cracks MEK
DIN EN 13523-11, Pass
DIN 58196-2, DIN ISO 9211-4. No bubbles.
GT/TT = 0. ET 5mm, GT 0, ET 8mm, GT 0
No write ability, removed with a single wipe
Applicator Pre-requisites:
Must be applied by Nanokote accredited applicator. Please contact Nanokote Pty Ltd.
The information in this data sheet is based on the current status of technical development as well as experience with the product. However, given the variety of surfaces and ambient conditions, the information provided on this data sheet shall in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to ensure with due care, that our product is suited for the intended purpose, surface and application conditions. Note in particular, that we accept no liability in cases where we have not explicitly stated application purposes and types of use. This data sheet will be superseded by any later version released. As at 06/11.
Nanokote Pty Ltd – 6-8 England Street Dandenong VIC 3175 – Email:
Simon King – Tel: +61 3 9768 3277 – Fax: +61 3 9768 3986

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