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Products and Applications

Multifunctional Surfaces for Specific Industrial Applications

When it comes to treating concrete, glass, metal or ceramics there is no one-size-fits-all approach when developing specialised coatings. At Nanokote, we understand that there are important differences in the physical properties and characteristics of base materials which is why we take advantage of nanoscale design to offer exceptional solutions that are tailored for a niche requirement.

Our team of nanotechnology experts has perfected a range of Nanokote products that are fit-for-purpose, optimised for specific uses and, most importantly, add value to your assets.


Learn more about our range of products for concrete and steel. Our product increases the longevity of concrete infrastructure, by preventing concrete cancer. We also offer clear  anti corrosion coatings for metal surfaces. Nanokote extends the lifespan of concrete and steel with hydrophobic coating technology.

Looking for Easy-to-clean and low maintenance options for glass and ceramics? From shower screens and bathrooms, to balconies and windows, Nanokote offer a glass and ceramic coating that prevents corrosion as well as fingerprints. The hydrophobic technology allows water to bead off the surface, making glass and ceramic cleaning a much less time consuming process.


Porous mineral surfaces can be susceptible to algae growth and moisture damage. Both masonry to wood are perfect examples of this, especially when exposed to the elements. With Nanokote’s functional coatings for Porous Mineral surface can extend the lifespan of masonry and wood with our graffiti resistant, easy to clean coatings.

Smart Surface Protection

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