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Protective Barrier Coatings

Protective Barrier Coatings for Metal and Concrete

Are you looking for durable, cost-effective solutions to maintain the surfaces of industrial and commercial structures?

There are products available that not only allow for passive protection but also improve manual cleaning efficiencies and more.

The team at Nanokote offer an innovative range of specialised coatings for metal and concrete.

Direct to Concrete

A new generation concrete cancer prevention coating for cooling towers, tunnels and more. The hydrophobic coating increases concrete lifespan whilst providing anti-corrosion, anti-graffiti surfaces that are easy to clean.


Direct to Metal (Clear Coatings)

Enhance various properties of stainless steel and light metals with our clear coatings. NANOKOTE’s Direct to Metal Protective coating is a low cost alternative to PVDF, providing effective anti-corrosion, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch properties

Direct to Concrete (ProGuard) Texture

ProGuard not only provides new and old concrete with a decorative texture. It’s anti-graffiti and anti-carbonation solution, makes it ideal for concrete facades, retaining walls, sports stadiums, high rise buildings – the list goes on.


Direct to Metal Protection (Specialty)

Coating integral metal parts with NANOKOTE’s Specialty Protective Coatings can  preserve the longevity and efficacy of your investments. With Aluminium and magnesium coatings, our revolutionary technology can protect coil exteriors, heat exchanger plates, magnesium housings and more.

Concrete Cancer Prevention and More

Call Nanokote to discuss better ways to improve concrete and metal surfaces.