Regional Rail Link (Williams Landing) (AbiGroup Constructors) - Nanokote
Regional Rail Link (Williams Landing) (AbiGroup Constructors)

Regional Rail Link (Williams Landing) (AbiGroup Constructors)

Case Study
Job : Regional Rail Link – Williams Landing, Victoria, Australia
Total Area : 2,750 sqm.
Description : New bridge over a rail line and a major freeway. Painting elements include: bridge piers, parapets, beams, abutments, cross heads and road safety barriers.
Constructor : AbiGroup
Asset Owner : Metro (MTM)
The new bridge was constructed over existing operational freeway and rail passages for local and interstate lines. MTM called for a Vic Roads approved painting system encompassing decorative anti-carbonation and permanent anti-graffiti meeting sections 685 & 686. Nanokote was awarded painting contract by Abigroup in late 2012 for completion early 2013. Due to tight scheduling and limited freeway and rail line closure to paint areas above, speed of application was paramount to minimise cost of additional closures. The ability for ProGuard to be applied in a single coat (two coats wet on wet to meet VicRoads specification) onto damp concrete meant that rail and freeway closure and associated costs of traffic management and spotters for rail passage delivered a considerable saving to the project compared to traditional four coat systems.
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