Waterproof Concrete Sealers In Australia I Concrete Spalling Repair
Waterproof Concrete Sealers In Australia

Waterproof Concrete Sealers In Australia

Do you see cracks or damages in the walls and floors of your concrete buildings and searching for ideal repairing solutions? Do you want to give an added layer of protection for your concrete structures to avoid concrete spalling?Welcome to Nanokote – the destination of superior nanotechnology coating solutions for concrete, metal, ceramic, and glass structures in Australia.We have an excellent range of waterproof concrete sealers to help both the residential and commercial sectors of Australia. Before choosing our range of repairing solutions, learn what leads to concrete spalling and cracks as it can help you to address the issues of your concrete structures comprehensively.

Reasons Behind Concrete Spalling

Note that concrete spalling is a common issue for older buildings. It happens due to the natural deterioration process of concrete called carbonisation. During the process, the steel bars of the ceiling slabs corrode and cause the concrete to crack, bulge, and spalling.

Similarly, improper placement of concrete and reinforcing can also lead to the corrosion of steel and spalling. Note that concrete is porous, contrary to popular belief, and the steel bars that support the concrete can get exposed to moisture and air. This causes the rusting of steel bars and spalling.

Buildings that are built in seashores and structures that get continuous exposure of chemicals and water need special care to prevent concrete spalling.


Concrete Spalling Repair

Our range of waterproof concrete sealers provide the most effective solutions for all your concrete spalling repair requirements. The sealers improve its water resistance and reduce the porosity of the concrete surface.

Our concrete sealers – include silanes, siloxanes, siliconates, and silicates – penetrate your concrete surface and lock out water and chemical from accessing the reinforced steel bars. Thus, the waterproof concrete sealers protect the concrete surfaces from excess water damages, dampness, mould build-up, mustiness, and much more.

Ultimately, the sealers provide you with a comprehensive, highly durable solution to water seepage problems and concrete spalling issues.


A Comprehensive Solution


  • The sealers densify and harden your concrete buildings and structures to increase the durability.
  • With efficient water resistance, the sealers also help you to improve the structural integrity of your concrete surfaces.
  • The sealers are not only waterproof, but it also comes with antimicrobial properties to prevent harmful organic growth on the surfaces.
  • These are invisible sealers and can apply on any concrete surfaces based on your requirements.
    The do-it-yourself, ready-to-apply sealers help you to quickly repair the cracks and spalling concrete issues at your property with zero or minimal guidance.

We have specific sealers based on the type of your surface to provide you with the best results. You can find sealers for your concrete blocks, brick walls, concrete pavers, masonry facades, tiles, or any other surfaces from our range of products.


Consult With Our Professional Today

Talk to our concrete repairing professionals today on (03) 9768 3277 or contact us online to let us know the type of your surface and the repairing requirements. We will help you to select the right waterproof concrete sealer that can provide the best results for your surface.