Leading-Edge Nanotechnology for Enhanced Surface Coatings

Nanokote, established in 2005, manufactures innovative surface technologies that can improve the physical properties of glass, metal, concrete and ceramic materials. Our solutions transform your assets so that they take on new functions and can be optimised for a range of industrial applications.

Improved durability, scratch resistance and low maintenance are just some of the key features that our multifunctional surface systems offer. These specialised coatings are suitable for both small- and large-scale structures from shower enclosures, refrigerator coils, magnesium housings, bridges, tunnels and cooling towers so we can work with you to implement the most appropriate solution to satisfy your operational requirements.

Nanokote is the Superior Choice for Surface Protection

We strive to constantly improve our products in line with nanotechnology advancements. By working at such a nanoscale, we are able to design molecular architectures and intelligent structures that are capable of providing superior, performance-enhancing qualities that ensure durability, flexibility and more cost-effective coatings. This is why we are a leading manufacturer of exceptional metal finishes, concrete protection, glass and glazed ceramic sanitary ware protection and more.

Development Partnerships for Exceptional Results

Nanokote maintains strong product development and collaborative relationships with various internationally renowned nanotechnology businesses. We deliver leading-edge nanotechnology solutions as a result of our brilliant professional partnerships and industrious work ethic. Whether you require Nanokote products with hydrophobic coatings for concrete or ceramic sanitary ware with a coating that is easy-to-clean, we have the solution for you.

The global market for easy-to-clean functional coatings is advancing, with a need for new technology to be developed in order to overcome the health and other challenges associated with substances incorporating PFAS and PFOS.