Corrosion Coating Glass Protection

Glass is such a versatile surface that it can be used for virtually any function. It can be moulded, tinted, toughened, frosted and used as showerscreens, floors, rooftops, walls, mirrors, doors, kitchen splashbacks and more.

NANOKOTE’s glass corrosion coating and protection products are equally diverse in their practical applications—especially when surfaces are exposed to lime scale and sea spray. Enhance the durability and effectiveness of shower screens, pool fencing,

balustrades, splash backs, architectural and frameless panes with appropriate glass protection from NANOKOTE.

Our glass surface coating and protection products create easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint properties that enable manufacturers and processors to add value and up-sell their products. These bonus properties create an opportunity to command premium prices and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Easy to clean the glass that minimizes the need for regular cleaning

Low maintenance glass is a type of glass that is designed to require minimal cleaning and upkeep. It is often coated with a special surface treatment, such as a hydrophobic or oleophobic coating, that repels water and oil-based substances, preventing them from sticking to the surface of the glass. This makes it easier to clean the glass and minimizes the need for regular cleaning. Low maintenance glass is becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial buildings because of its durability and ease of use. It is also used in a variety of applications, such as doors, windows, and shower enclosures.

One of the biggest advantages of low maintenance glass is its ability to resist the buildup of dirt, grime,

and other contaminants. Because it repels water and oil-based substances, these materials simply slide off the surface of the glass, rather than adhering to it. This means that low maintenance glass is much easier to clean than traditional glass, which can often require harsh chemicals and intensive scrubbing to remove stubborn stains and marks. Additionally, low maintenance glass is more durable than traditional glass, which means that it can last longer and require fewer repairs and replacements over time. Overall, low maintenance glass offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of high-quality, attractive, and easy-to-maintain glass products.

Glass Coating – Make Cleaning a Breeze

Over time, lime deposits can build up on shower screens and glass corrosion can result in permanent damage to the molecular structure of the screen. Glass corrosion may look like dirt but once it forms it cannot be removed, no matter how much the surface is cleaned.

Nanokote’s glass corrosion coating and protection stops corrosion by repelling water, dirt, oil, soaps and shampoo residues. With our glass corrosion coating and protection system, a shower screen will stay clear and bright requiring up to 90% less cleaning and will potentially never need to be replaced.

Nanokote is highly abrasion resistant, 100% UV stable and chemical resistant. It is also incredibly durable and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The glass coating protects external windows, commercial facades, rooftops, pool surrounds and balconies.

Glass Protection that Prevents Fingerprints

Frosted glass can be produced from material blasting and acid etching. Both of these frosted finishes often show unsightly and difficult to remove fingerprints. This unsightly problem can be remedied with our glass corrosion coating and protection system, which actively prevents fingerprints. The surface glass coating formula also provides an easy-to-clean surface that prevents lime deposits in showers and protects against glass corrosion.

Ask about our range of decorative colours that contain environmentally friendly pigments. Accentuate the finish of an architectural interior with an exciting, fresh look.

Nanokote has many successful stories of adding value to client products by using our glass corrosion coating and protection technology. Through value adding, our partners clearly differentiate their products, are able to command premium prices and position their brand as market leaders.

Industrial Integration

Nanokote has developed a number of processes to assist our industrial customers in reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the labour component of surface coating glass. We have engineered solutions for plants that process anywhere from 100 to 4,000m2 per day of glass. In the case of smaller processors, we recommend manual or semi-automatic applications, while medium to large organisations can benefit from our low cost, fully automated spray equipment which is modular and can be fitted to most processing facilities.

Industrial application using automated equipment of Nanokote’s Easy Clean Coating


Initial contact Angle (DIN EN 828)

115 Degrees

ASTM Scrub Resistance (ASTM D2486) – Direct measure of durability

  • Independent test (NATA approved laboratory) show less than 10% change in contact angle after 10,000 double abrasion cycle Excellent durability and performance
  • 10-year performance warranty when professionally applied

Coefficient of Friction (Slippery Feel)

No change (important OH&S Issue)

Process Automation

  • Nanokote Pty Ltd Intellectual Property
  • Special coating material for spray application
  • Excellent efficiency, spray heads automatically adjust for the size of the surface to always optimise product usage.
  • Low cost
  • Low labour requirement
  • Easy, fast installation
  • Quick turnaround from order to full commissioning
  • Fast product speeds
  • Full closed look control and full alarm setup.
  • Telemetry for constant monitoring
  • Equipment is design and manufactured in Australia
  • Designed as a modular fit to existing processing equipment or can be stand alone
  • Process engineering support and worldwide service support